Dangers of dehydration

Dehydration is when the water content of one's body fall, often accompanied by loss of salt, one of the most important minerals in the body. In men 60% of body weight is water, in women 50%. It is imperative to maintain the body fluids, which contain a variety of mineral salts within the very narrow concentration limits to make sure your body functions properly.

You can prevent this from happening by:

• Keeping out of mid-day sun if possible
• Wearing a hat (the head being a large organ that picks up heat from the sun)
• Restoring lost fluids and salts. Drink plenty of water even if not thirsty
• Replacing lost salts (e.g. electrolytes)
• Drinking plenty of bland fluids slowly and often
• Take bland foods (e.g. dry bread) or starchy foods (e.g. mashed potatoes)
• Maintaining bland foods and drink plenty of bland fluids for 24 hours
• Taking Restore Hydration Powder

The Possible causes of dehydration is:

• Loss of salt and fluids by sweating - can cause cramping so stretch and massage muscles and drink plenty of fluids particularly water.
• Food poisoning
• Drinking contaminated water
• Diarrhea
• Polyuria in diabetes or kidney failure
• Series blood loss through injury or an badly bleeding ulcer in GI tract
• Sweating - in a temperate climate an adult loses 1.5 litres of more a day from sweating,


1. restore lost fluids and salts - drink plenty of water even if not thirsty.
2. replace lost salts - e.g. electrolytes with Restore Hydration Solution
3. drink plenty of bland fluids slowly and often*.
4. bland foods - e.g. dry bread*.
5. starchy foods - e.g. mashed potatoes
6. fluid replacement powders in a bottle of water twice a day

Restore is a Hydration Powder that assists the body to:

• Reduce diarrhea duration by up to 22%
• Reduce stool volume up to 36%
• Replace electrolytes after exercising
• Restore fluid balance after overindulgence (Hangover)
• Boost energy levels